Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's almost time to vote!

**** Stay tuned, Ribbonrie contest photos coming soon! ****

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Not Your Grandma's Doily

I was inspired to make this mini cake stand after seeing one on a visit to my LQS (local quilt store). I showed it to my rug hooking group yesterday, and they said it needed a doily. So of course I turned to my favorite resource, the internet, and searched up a free doily pattern, but I wanted it to be a bit funky, so I crocheted it from this very bright green #3 thread. I love how it turned out! It was fun to work on while I watched Lost last night (the next new episode isn't for two weeks, what's up with that?!?).

The pin cushion was stitched by a friend from my quilting group from a Heather Bailey pattern. To make the cake stand, buy a glass candle holder from the dollar store or the thrift store, and glue a small glass plate to it. I used Liquid Nails clear silicone sealer and a 9" glass plate from Walmart, the whole thing cost me about $2.25. That's my kind of craft project!